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NanoMax -Zinc
NanoMax- Cal
NanoMax ZInchelps in growth of shoots & Increase the foliar formation, fruits set, seed set and rate of maturity which results in substantially increases the yields. It is totally bio-degradable and glucose coated, as carrier to zinc, will facilitate health, strength against stress condition for various crops. It is compatible with all manures/fertilizers &does not create any residual effect on soil/pants/crops and on farm produce.
Crops : All crops
• Foliar Application: 3-4 ml. /liter of water.
• Drip Application: 0.25- 0.50 ml. /liter of water.
• Fertigation: 1.00 to 1.50 ml. /liter of water.
• Granule Application - 4 Kg
Method of application:
• Broadcasting
• Foliar Application
• Drip Application
• Fertigation
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